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Spring is in the air, The Fall is on the horizon

Our 2 CD deluxe edition of The Light User Syndrome by The Fall just went into production and is scheduled for release on July 1. Whereas a previous 2002 CD reissue included just 2 bonus tracks, we’ve gone ahead and added 12 bonus tracks to fill out an entire bonus disc with an hour’s worth of extra music. We’ve also gone extra on the liner notes. Fall historian Daryl Easlea contributes a 6000+ word oral history, based on new and vintage interviews with all the key participants. It will have you laughing, crying, and everything in between, as this album captures Mark E. Smith and The Fall at a key juncture in their legendary career. It's all housed in an expansive 24-page booklet designed by Edward ODowd of Psychic TV. Andy Pearce remastered. We’ve been longtime fans of Andy’s work and are thrilled to be working with him. All of the above brings The Light User Syndrome in line with the outstanding Fall reissue series from Cherry Red, Beggars Banquet, Fontana, and Sanctuary.  We’re honored to follow in their footsteps with one of our favorite Fall albums. If you're new to The Fall, The Light User Syndrome may just make you into a heavy user. 

Our expanded remaster of B.T. Express’s Do It (’Til You’re Satisfied) hits the racks on May 27, right in time for June, which is Black Music Month. We’re very proud of this one, as it’s provided the chance to right the wrongs of the album’s previous CD reissues. All songs appear in their full-length versions as on the original LP and sound better than ever thanks to Donald Cleveland’s remastering. A. Scott Galloway contributes a definitive 3800-word essay based on new conversations with the rarely interviewed original band members. If you’ve been let down by previous CDs of this great funk album, Iconoclassic’s release will have you exclaiming “I’m satisfied” from the first note to the last. 

Iconoclassic had an fantastic mastering session with Vic Anesini in late April, for our upcoming reissues of Wild Dogs by Dwight Twilley and Tenderness by the Ohio PlayersWild Dogs is first time on CD and Tenderness is first time on CD from master tapes, so we are particularly excited about both these reissues. It is always an absolute pleasure to work with Vic, and the results of our sessions will delight fans of Vic and Iconoclassic’s previous collaborations. We’re currently projecting these as late July releases and will have much more to say about them soon. Wild Dogs and Tenderness will be available for pre-order shortly.