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Previously Unreleased Vintage Rick Springfield Album Unvaulted

  • CD AVAILABLE MAY 12, 2023
  • 20-page full color booklet includes unseen photos and memorabilia
  • 5000-word liner notes essay by Ken Sharp includes new interviews with Rick Springfield plus the contributing musicians and his then-manager Steve Binder (Elvis’ ’68 Comeback Special), along with full track by track commentary
  • Digitally remastered from the original master tapes by Vic Anesini

Rick Springfield seemed to be on a fast track to stardom by 1974. He had it all: a batch of well-crafted commercially viable songs, a great voice, muscular musicianship and striking good looks. After scoring with 1972’s “Speak to the Sky” single, he assembled his first solo band and hit the road in pursuit of his dreams.

“It was a hedonistic couple of months of rock and roll and partying and no parents,” remembers Springfield. “Songs came out of all that fire and sexual angst of being 25 and being on your own.”

But when Rick delivered his completed Springfield album to Columbia Records, the label balked. Its hard rock sound and suggestive lyrics flew in the face of the pink and perky bubblegum sound they expected. “The album confused them,” explains Rick. “It wasn’t anything that was palpable to a teen audience. They were expecting a David Cassidy record and then we send them this screaming, hard-edged rock record with heavy guitars and sexual lyrics.” In early ’75, the Springfield album was officially shelved.

For almost 50 years, Springfield has sat in the vaults...until now. Produced for release by Iconoclassic Records president Jeremy Holiday and New York Times Best Selling author Ken Sharp, who previously collaborated on the 2 CD Written in Rock: Rick Springfield Anthology, the 25th Anniversary Edition CD reissue of Working Class Dog, and the book A Year in the Life of a Working Class Dog, among other projects, Springfield finally takes its rightful place in Rick's catalog, remastered from the original tapes and bolstered with previously unheard live performances.

“I was very behind the record when we did it,” reflects Springfield. “I thought it was a great step forward from where people had positioned me at that point. Lyrically, there were some cool moments to it and considering it was the ’70s, it was very contemporary and strong musically and the band I had at the time was really good.”