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Carole Bayer Sager’s “Sometimes Late at Night” OUT NOW

Albums like Carole Bayer Sager’s Sometimes Late at Night are what Iconoclassic Records most loves reissuing. Sometimes Late at Night is a well-loved cult classic to those who already know the ... continue reading

Low Stock Alert

All good things must come to an end. Later this year, Iconoclassic Records’ licenses for The Tubes‘ Remote Control and Canned Heat‘s Future Blues will expire. That means the CDs ... continue reading

The Funk Is On The Scene, Ready To Bust Your Record Machine

Slave’s Show Time and Steve Arrington’s Dancin’ in the Key of Life definitive edition CD remasters are OUT NOW!  “Got that Dayton Funk, that Dayton Funk is true,” rapped funk ... continue reading

‘In The Skies’ is in the streets

Today marks the official street date for a CD that longtime Iconoclassic Records fans have been craving ever since we announced it: Peter Green’s In ... continue reading

No more toein’ the line…the Rockman is here

The compact disc celebrated its 40th birthday in 2022. Yet certain key titles have proven frustratingly elusive on CD throughout the decades. Rocky Burnette‘s debut The ... continue reading

Strawberries for…You!

Looking back 40 years now, October 1982’s Strawberries remains the most unique, unusual album in The Damned’s 46-year discography, a stone-cold psych-punk-pop/call-it-what-you-want classic, often overlooked or undervalued ... continue reading

Fall 2022 Preview

It has been a busy summer here at Iconoclassic Records as we prepare a great slate of CDs for release this fall. First out ... continue reading

The Biggest Library Yet

Those of you who are fans of The Fall will recognize the subject of this news item as a lyric from the band’s 1984 ... continue reading

Get ready to Rock Hard

After leading Survivor to the top of the charts in the mid-’80s with hits like “I Can’t Hold Back,” “High on You,” “The Search Is Over,” “Burning ... continue reading

You wanted the Vic…you got the Vic

Iconoclassic Records has a deserved reputation for the quality of our remastering. Some of you may have noticed a familiar name missing from the ... continue reading