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It’s Great…It’s Spectacular…It’s Dixie Dregs

Dixie Dregs just began their Anachronicity Tour 2024 - the band's first since 2018. But that's not the only treat the Dregs have in store: Dixie Dregs' legendary 1975 private press debut album receives its first-ever vinyl reissue!

The Great Spectacular is Dixie Dregs’ original 1975 demo debut album, recorded at the University of Miami as a class project, pressed independently by the band, and distributed locally in limited quantities.

Yet The Great Spectacular also functions as a greatest hits of sorts, debuting tracks which would later be re-recorded across Dixie Dregs’ classic 1977-1980 Capricorn and Arista albums, as well as during guitarist/band leader Steve Morse’s stint in Kansas. It includes the first recordings of key Dregs tracks including “What If,” “Leprechaun Promenade,” “Holiday,” “Refried Funky Chicken,” “Country House Shuffle,” and more.

Original copies of The Great Spectacular are rare collectors’ items.

The four original Dixie Dregs members from this record -- Steve Morse (guitar), Andy West (bass), Allen Sloan (violin), and Rod Morgenstein (drums) -- are currently on tour, joined by special guest Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) on keyboards.

White Vinyl Edition released exclusively for Record Store Day 2024.

Autographed Edition available exclusively at shows on Anachronicity Tour 2024.