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It’s a Jungle out there

DWIGHT TWILLEY - JUNGLE (40th Anniversary Edition)

  • First time on CD worldwide
  • 6 bonus tracks, 4 previously unreleased, including outtakes and Dwight's demos
  • Liner notes by Power Pop aficionado Ken Sharp (Cheap Track, The Raspberries)
  • Never-before-seen photos from the original cover shoot
  • Digitally remastered by Maria Triana
  • Fully endorsed by the late Dwight Twilley

Jungle is power pop legend Dwight Twilley’s most successful album, reaching the U.S. Top 40 upon its 1984 release by EMI America Records. Jungle spun off the Top 20 hit single and MTV favorite “Girls,” featuring a guest appearance from Tom Petty. The album’s second single “Little Bit of Love” was another popular music video, while third single “Why You Wanna Break My Heart” later achieved fame through its inclusion in the movie Wayne’s World.

Produced by Noah Shark, Mark Smith, and John Hug, Jungle features an all-star session lineup including Heartbreakers co-founder Mike Campbell, Richie Zito, and Buzzy Feiten on guitars, drummer Mike Baird, and keyboardist Alan Pasqua in combination with frequent Twilley collaborators guitarist Bill Pitcock IV, guitarist and Linn Drum inventor Roger Linn, and harmony vocalist Susan Cowsill. All songs were composed solely by Dwight Twilley, except for the original album’s closing track, “Max Dog,” an inspired bit of studio silliness co-written with Twilley’s best friend, Rocky Burnette (“Tired of Toein’ the Line”).

Forty years have passed since Jungle’s initial release, yet unbelievably, the album has never previously appeared on CD anywhere in the world. That changes with the release of Jungle (40th Anniversary Edition) on Iconoclassic Records, out June 7, 2024.

The June 7th release date has particular significance, coming one day after Dwight Twilley’s birthdate. Twilley unexpectedly passed away in October of 2023 following an auto accident, making this the first birthday since his loss. Dwight Twilley was fully involved and supportive of Iconoclassic Records’ plans for reactivating his unavailable back catalog, including Jungle, which were developed collaboratively over several years. Produced for reissue by Iconoclassic’s Jeremy Holiday and Twilley’s wife, engineer, and manager, Jan, in partnership with Universal Music Enterprises, the long-awaited CD release of Jungle now serves as a tribute to Dwight Twilley and the first major step towards the preservation of his legacy.

For the much-requested CD debut of Jungle, six bonus tracks join the ten songs from the original album. These include the first release of the Jungle sessions version of “Forget About It Baby,” an early take of “Don’t You Love Her” produced by Richie Podolor, plus outtakes and demos of “You Can Change It” and the title track which feature more traditional rock arrangements than the synthesizer-enhanced album versions.

Longtime Dwight Twilley art director, Zox has uncovered never-before-seen images from the original Jungle photo shoot, which enhance the 40th Anniversary Edition’s 12-page booklet. Power pop authority Ken Sharp contributes a new 2500-word liner notes essay based on his interviews with the late Dwight Twilley, Zox, and musicians who played on the album. Jungle has been remastered by Maria Triana from new transfers of the original masters.

Jungle is the second release in an extensive Dwight Twilley catalog campaign from Iconoclassic Records, following 2022’s first-time-on-CD release of 1986’s Wild Dogs.