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‘In The Skies’ is in the streets

Today marks the official street date for a CD that longtime Iconoclassic Records fans have been craving ever since we announced it: Peter Green's In the Skies

After departing Fleetwood Mac in 1970 then disappearing from the music scene altogether shortly thereafter under a cloud of drug and mental health issues, few expected founding Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green to launch a solo comeback. Yet that’s exactly what he did as the ’70s drew to a close.

In the Skies was Green’s second solo album and first after 8 years in obscurity. At the time, Green’s brother Michael was working for PVK Records, a small boutique label set up by Peter Vernon-Kell. Introduced to Vernon-Kell by his brother, Peter Green was inspired to return to music — on his own terms.

By 1977, when the sessions for In the Skies began, the popularity of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours lineup had ignited interest in the band’s alumni as well; Bob Welch was scoring major soft-rock and disco-influenced hits accompanied by other Mac members. Green on the other hand surrounded himself with longtime friends Peter Bardens (Camel), Snowy White (Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd) and members of Snowy White’s band including Kuma Harada and Reg Isidore (Robin Trower). Together they cut a mix of instrumentals and vocal numbers, composed songs and jams.

In the Skies proceeds at a leisurely pace a world away from the free-form intensity of Green’s 1970 solo debut The End of the Game. Yet it casts a captivating, spellbinding mood, and the record’s pleasures are many.

Often acclaimed as Peter Green’s best solo album, In the Skies returns to CD remastered by Vic Anesini and presented with bonus tracks for the very first time, including the rare “Apostle” b/w “Tribal Dance” single that preceded the LP release and two rehearsal tracks from the recording sessions.

Ralph Chapman’s in-depth liner notes unlock the mystery behind the creation of In the Skies through exclusive new interviews with the surviving participants in the original sessions: producer/label head Peter Vernon-Kell, guitarist Snowy White, and bass player Kuma Harada.

In the Skies is OUT NOW!