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Iconoclassic’s Very First Vinyl Release

2 LP Expanded Edition of Steve Marriott's Packet of Three out NOW

“Steve Marriott was the best vocalist that this country has ever produced.” – David Bowie
“He could sound like a pixie with the sweetest pipes. Could’ve led little children over a cliff with that side of his voice, and then he could bray like a donkey, gale force, and the power of his voice would turn your skin to ice.” – Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones
“He had a great voice. Steve Marriott was unbelievable. He was one of my heroes. I saw Marriott perform live with Humble Pie and it was like being at a church revival. And that to me is the coolest thing you can do, turn it into an evangelical event.” – Paul Stanley, KISS
“One of my favorite vocalists was Steve Marriott. I remember going to the Sacramento Auditorium to watch Humble Pie perform and Marriott would just throw his voice out into the audience in just the most R&B and rock way. I really, really loved his voice. What an amazing singer. It was a tragedy that we lost him, but he was something else.” – Steve Perry, Journey
“Steve Marriott was the first choice to be Black Sabbath’s vocalist. I tried everything I could think of to get him to agree, but he had other plans. He was Jimmy Page’s first choice for Led Zeppelin too. He tried as hard as I did. I had a conversation with Page once about that, about what might have been. No skin off Ozzy or Robert Plant, both great in their ways, but Marriott was it. Greatest singer ever. Page and I agreed. We would have killed to have him.” – Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath
“I could never be compared with Steve Marriott because he’s too good! He’s got the best white voice, for sheer bravado and balls. He is the master of white, contemporary blues.” – Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin
“I'm certain that if you caught the likes of Rod Stewart and Paul Rodgers in a private moment and asked them who was the main man, they would say, Steve Marriott." Jerry Shirley, Humble Pie
“I was rooting around in my cupboard the other day, actually, just yesterday, and I found a bunch of Steve Marriott live stuff and I put it on and MY GOD, that guy was unbelievable!“ – Paul Rodgers, Free, Bad Company

“If you examine Steve’s career up – you have the Small Faces, then Humble Pie – and then that void – and then he came back – this album was his third chapter and it sets the record straight: It’s the only valid live album from this era. Steve worked on it, Steve produced it, and he supported it. It would have never have come out if he hadn’t. It’s just this one. – Aaron Sixx, Executive Producer

“First of all, I’d like to thank you for coming here this evening. Secondly, I’d like to thank Radio Capital for allowing me to come here and be with you this evening. Thirdly, I’d like to thank my father for not noticing the hole in his packet of three.” – Steve Marriott, July 6, 1984

Originally released in 1984 in abridged form on the independent Aura Records label, Packet of Three kicked off the third chapter of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Steve Marriott’s legendary career after two decades fronting the Small Faces and Humble Pie. This live album captures a smokin’ set at Dingwalls in London, with Marriott in spectacular voice and the power trio format spotlighting his underrated guitar playing across a set of Small Faces and Humble Pie classics, blues standards, and covers.

Packet of Three is the only official live album from this era, produced and promoted by Marriott. This 2 LP Expanded Edition adds 6 bonus tracks that did not feature on the original 1984 single LP, presenting the complete concert on vinyl for the first time. Includes revealing liner notes by Ralph Chapman drawing upon newly conducted interviews with surviving Packet of Three bandmate Jim Leverton and Aura Records head Aaron Sixx