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Get Enlightened. Start Dancing.

Long regarded as one of the premier musicians in the world, David Sancious is a founding member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band; toured and recorded with Peter Gabriel, Sting, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Santana, Seal and a long list of A-level musicians; and created groundbreaking music with his own band, Tone. A brilliant composer, arranger, orchestrator and multi-instrumentalist, David Sancious albums including Forest of Feelings (1975), Transformation (The Speed of Love) (1976), True Stores (1978) and Just As I Thought (1979) have long been beloved by progressive rock and jazz fusion fans around the world.

Yet there was another album in the midst of that classic run that has NEVER BEEN OFFICIALLY RELEASED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD...until now!

David Sancious recorded his most ambitious album, Dance of the Age of Enlightenment, in 1976, accompanied by Tone (drummer Ernest Carter and bassist Gerry Carboy). Conceived as a ballet in four movements, at the time of the recording, technology did not allow for synthesizers to play more than one note at a time. To create the sound of an orchestral ensemble every part of the orchestration had to be painstakingly overdubbed individually by Sancious on a monophonic Minimoog synthesizer! 

Despite the music’s quality, Sancious was notified by his record company that the album would not be released, and they very much wanted another, more “commercial” record from him that they could release before releasing Dance of the Age of Enlightenment. Only a few promotional copies of Dance of the Age of Enlightenment circulated before his label decided to cancel the release of the album entirely.

Outside of bootlegs drawn from the promo LP, which was mastered at an incorrect speed, Dance of the Age of Enlightenment has remained in the vault…until Iconoclassic stepped in.

Personally remastered by David Sancious and Robert Frazza from transfers of the original masters, this first-ever official release of Dance of the Age of Enlightenment is a major addition to the canon of classic prog and fusion, finally heard and presented in the manner its creator always intended.