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The Rumour is true: Graham Parker coming soon

Iconoclassic Records is excited to announce our first release of 2022: a 40th Anniversary Edition of Graham Parker's Another Grey Area.

1982's Another Grey Area, is the pivot point in Graham Parker's remarkable career. While the singer-songwriter is justly famous for the work he did with the Rumour during the first five years of his record-making, 1975-1980, his parting of the ways with that pub-rock band allowed him to explore a different kind of singing and a different kind of songwriting.

Inspired by the sound of John Lennon & Yoko Ono’s Double Fantasy (1980), Parker sought out that record’s producer, Jack Douglas, to oversee his first solo album. Recording in New York with musicians that included members of Billy Joel’s band, Douglas produced an album that spotlighted Parker’s evolving vocal abilities. Graham’s lyrics were as sharp as ever on one of his strongest batches of songs to date. “Temporary Beauty,” a turntable and early MTV hit, became one of Parker’s signature songs. Although the Top 50 Another Grey Area did not herald a massive commercial breakthrough, it set the stage for the next four decades of Graham Parker's very much ongoing solo career and remains a well-loved album in his extensive discography.  

While previous CD reissues of Another Grey Area included an anachronistic Rumour-backed bonus track from the 1970s, Iconoclassic Records’ definitive 40th Anniversary Edition appends five bonus tracks from the surrounding 1982 period.

More details coming soon!