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Winnipeg, Manitoba rockers The Guess Who are among Canada’s most successful and enduring musical exports. Debuting in the mid-1960s, the band truly came into its own when singer/keyboardist Burton Cummings joined the founding trio of Randy Bachman (guitar), Jim Kale (bass) and Garry Peterson (drums). The Bachman-Cummings songwriting partnership authored chart-topping turn-of-the-decade hits like “These Eyes,” “Laughing,” “No Time,” “American Woman,” and “No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature.” Following Bachman’s 1970 departure (he later founded Bachman-Turner Overdrive), now-undisputed leader Burton Cummings opened up The Guess Who’s sound on a series of eclectic albums that traded pop accessibility for a deeper level of personal expression. A fascinating lyrical continuity emerges that reveals a band burdened by success, cynical, tormented; themes of desperation, anger, disillusionment and resignation make for emotionally compelling listening. Iconoclassic’s ten authoritative Guess Who reissues have perhaps been the label’s defining product line. Upgraded definitive remastering, in-depth liner notes, full band participation, and unique bonus tracks are the hallmarks of the series.

Did you know?

  • After the band recorded a cover of the U.K. hit “Shakin’ All Over” in 1965, their record label released it to radio stations under the moniker “Guess Who?” in the hope that Canadian DJs would be more inclined to play a song by a mysterious new British band
  • “American Woman” is the first song by a Canadian band to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart
  • Randy Bachman founded Bachman-Turner Overdrive after leaving The Guess Who.