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Arrington: The ‘A’ stands for ‘Agent of Change.’ Few icons in Black popular music have willed themselves into as many scintillating creative spaces as Steve Arrington. Humbly beginning in the background with groups – most notably Dayton, Ohio fungkateers Slave – only to shine so bright that his spirit could never be denied a spotlight, Arrington has always been guided by God. With an organic approach to singing that borrowed from Jazz saxophonist John Coltrane and Blues-Rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix as opposed to other singers, Steve “arrived at that place where ‘Arrington’ is a vibe unto myself. It’s not tied to a song or style. It’s just Arrington.” 

Did you know?

  • As a teenager, Steve Arrington played percussion in Pete Escovedo’s band, along with his daughter Sheila E.
  • Arrington gave himself the nickname ‘The Invade’ because “the way I glide in on a vocal track from different angles is like an eagle on the swoop vibe gettin’ ready to invade a situation”
  • Arrington has been releasing well-received new music on the urban underground scene and recorded collaborations with MonoNeon, Thundercat and Dām-Funk


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