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When Robin Trower left proto-prog Procol Harum in 1972 and struck out on his own, there was no way of knowing he would become one of the most legendary and celebrated English blues-rock guitarists of all time. It was simply a move the guitarist felt he had to make out of creative necessity. “I was starting to write a lot more music for the guitar,” Trower recalls. “Procol Harum were a keyboard band, and musically I was going off in a different direction. I had to find my own way to pursue that, and so I decided to form my own band.” Trower’s band—a hard rocking power trio with singer/bassist James Dewer and drummer Reg Isidore (soon replaced by Bill Lordan)—became a firm favorite with rock fans, scoring several top 10 albums.

Did you know?

  • Robin Trower was the original guitarist of Procol Harum
  • King Crimson’s Robert Fripp took guitar lessons from Trower
  • Robin Trower band drummer Bill Lordan was formerly a member of Sly & The Family Stone