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One of the top jazz-rock fusion ensembles ever, Dixie Dregs combine virtuoso technique with eclecticism and a sense of humor. Formed in 1970, the all-instrumental Dixie Dregs blend elements of diverse genres including southern rock, progressive rock, classical, country, jazz, and bluegrass into an eclectic sound that is entirely their own. The band launched the career of Steve Morse, voted “Best Overall Guitarist” by Guitar Player magazine for five years in a row, qualifying him for the “Guitar Player Hall of Fame.” Dixie Dregs regularly reunite to tour the band’s classic catalog during breaks from the members’ other commitments which have included Deep Purple, Kansas, Winger, Steve Morse Band, and Flying Colors.

Did you know?

  • Dixie Dregs received six Grammy nominations for Best Rock Instrumental Performance
  • Steve Morse joined Kansas and replaced Ritchie Blackmore in Deep Purple
  • Rod Morgenstein is the drummer of Winger