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Robin Trower

Twice Removed from Yesterday

Remastered CD with Bonus Track | ICON 1017

  • Originally released 1973
  • The bridge to Bridge of Sighs
  • Robin Trower's post-Procol Harum solo debut
  • Featuring "Daydream," "Hannah" and the Bonus Track "Take a Fast Train"
  • Digitally Remastered by Vic Anesini
  • Liner notes feature exclusive quotes from Robin Trower
Out of Print

Track Listing

  • 1. I Can’t Wait Much Longer
  • 2. Daydream
  • 3. Hannah
  • 4. Man of the World
  • 5. I Can’t Stand It
  • 6. Rock Me Baby
  • 7. Twice Removed from Yesterday
  • 8. Sinner’s Song
  • 9. Ballerina

Bonus Tracks

  • 10. Take a Fast Train


  • Robin Trower – guitar, additional vocals on "Twice Removed from Yesterday"
  • James Dewar – bass, vocals
  • Reg Isidore – drums
  • Matthew Fisher – producer, organ on "Daydream"

Following Robin Trower’s departure from Procol Harum he embarked upon a remarkable solo career with the aid of James Dewar (vocals and bass) and Conrad Isadore (drums). The power trio’s 1973 debut release Twice Removed from Yesterday has been remastered by Grammy-winning engineer Vic Anesini and features liner notes that include a fresh interview with Robin himself.

Robin Trower’s initial offering was produced by former Procol Harum band mate Matthew Fisher and the album unleashed the full force of Trower’s incredible guitar playing. The Fender Stratocaster was his weapon of choice and the sheer fury with which Robin attacked uptempo rock and blues was astonishing considering that those elements of his playing had only been hinted at in his former band. The contrast of that was the subtlety and pure lyricism that was displayed on less aggressive materiel like “Daydream,” an FM radio staple from back in the day.

This is the album that paved the way to Bridge of Sighs and superstardom. The Iconoclassic release is augmented by “Take a Fast Train,” the B-side of the album’s first single “Man of the World.”