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The Guess Who

So Long, Bannatyne

Expanded Edition Remastered CD with Bonus Tracks | ICON 1015

  • Originally released 1971
  • Includes the hits "Rain Dance" & "Sour Suite"
  • Two bonus tracks: "Albert Flasher" & "Broken"
  • Digitally remastered from the original master tapes by Vic Anesini
  • Expanded packaging with extensive liner notes by Ralph Chapman
Out of Print

Track Listing

  • 1. Rain Dance
  • 2. She Might Have Been a Nice Girl
  • 3. Goin' a Little Crazy
  • 4. Fiddlin'
  • 5. Pain Train
  • 6. One Divided
  • 7. Grey Day
  • 8. Life in the Bloodstream
  • 9. One Man Army
  • 10. Sour Suite
  • 11. So Long, Bannatyne

Bonus Tracks

  • 12. Albert Flasher
  • 13. Broken


  • Burton Cummings – lead vocals, keyboards, sax
  • Kurt Winter – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Greg Leskiw – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, lead vocal and banjo on "One Divided"
  • Jim Kale – bass, backing vocals
  • Garry Peterson – drums, backing vocals

The Guess Who proved they could weather a significant personnel change with 1970’s triumphant Share The Land. The 1971 follow-up, So Long, Bannatyne saw the band branching out, embracing more eclectic and less polished and commercial material, much of it with a considerably darker hue than the band’s earlier material and heavily influenced by John Lennon’s visceral Plastic Ono Band.

A fascinating lyrical continuity emerges that reveals a band and its principal writers burdened by success, cynical, tormented; the result being a kind of ad hoc concept record centering around themes of desperation, anger, disillusionment and resignation, topics frontman Burton Cummings would continue to explore throughout the rest of The Guess Who’s lifespan.