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The Guess Who

Share the Land

Remastered CD with Bonus Tracks | ICON 1044

  • Originally released 1970
  • Contains the classic rock hits “Share the Land,” “Hand Me Down World” and “Hang On to Your Life”
  • Expanded with 3 bonus tracks, 1 previously unreleased
  • Definitive remastering by Vic Anesini
  • In depth essay by Guess Who scholar Ralph Chapan
Out of Print

Track Listing

  • 1. Bus Rider
  • 2. Do You Miss Me Darlin'
  • 3. Hand Me Down World
  • 4. Moan for You Joe
  • 5. Share the Land
  • 6. Hang on to Your Life
  • 7. Coming Down Off the Money Bag / Song of the Dog
  • 8. Three More Days

Bonus Tracks

  • 9. Runnin' Down the Street (B-Side of Hand Me Down World)
  • 10. Hang on to Your Life (Single Version)
  • 11. Moan for You Joe (Take 3, Previously Unreleased)


  • Burton Cummings – lead vocals, keyboards, flute on "Three More Days"
  • Kurt Winter – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Greg Leskiw – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, lead vocal on "Coming Down Off the Money Bag"
  • Jim Kale – bass, backing vocals
  • Garry Peterson – drums, backing vocals

The Guess Who seemed to have pulled a rabbit out of a hat as they crafted their follow-up release to the best-selling album American Woman. The band had replaced Randy Bachman with two very capable guitarists in Kurt Winter and Greg Leskiw. Kurt came with the added benefit of having written some great tunes with his pervious band Brother. Burton Cummings and Kurt also brought a new songwriting partnership to the group and they provided excellent materiel to the group for this release.

The first single “Hand Me Down World” set the stage for the album which was the band’s most successful seller at the time of release. Follow-up singles “Share the Land” and “Hang On to Your Life” kept the band firmly on the charts for the duration of the album’s release.

In-depth liner notes by Guess Who authority Ralph Chapman (Metal Evolution, Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage) draw on commentary from the group gleaned from personal interviews. Remastered by Vic Anesini and including bonus tracks from the time period of the album’s initial release.