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The Tubes

Remote Control

Expanded Edition Remastered CD with Bonus Tracks | ICON 1033

  • Originally released 1979
  • The Tubes’ 1979 cult classic featuring “Turn Me On,” “Prime Time” and “TV Is King”
  • Produced by Todd Rundgren
  • Includes 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks from The Tubes’ legendary lost album Suffer for Sound
  • Digitally remastered by Vic Anesini
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Track Listing

  • 1. Turn Me On
  • 2. TV Is King
  • 3. Prime Time
  • 4. I Want It All Now
  • 5. No Way Out
  • 6. Getoverture
  • 7. No Mercy
  • 8. Only the Strong Survive
  • 9. Be Mine Tonight
  • 10. Love’s a Mystery (I Don’t Understand)
  • 11. Telecide

Bonus Tracks

  • 12. Dreams Come True (Previously Unreleased)
  • 13. Dangerous (Previously Unreleased)
  • 14. Don’t Ask Me (Previously Unreleased)
  • 15. Holy War (Previously Unreleased)


  • Fee Waybill – vocals
  • Bill Spooner - guitar, vocals
  • Michael Cotten – synthesizer
  • Mingo Lewis – percussion
  • Prairie Prince – drums
  • Roger Steen - guitar, vocals
  • Re Styles – vocals
  • Vince Welnick – keyboards
  • Rick Anderson – bass
  • with Todd Rundgren - producer, guitar, keyboards

Looking to break out of the commercial funk that had plagued the band since their brilliant debut, The Tubes looked to wunderkind producer and band friend Todd Rundgren, to oversee their next record, 1979’s Remote Control. The Tubes managed to reinvent themselves (yet again), creating an album every bit as sophisticated and irreverent as their past releases, but with a new level of musicality and accessibility.

The band devised a concept album based upon the theme, with tongue firmly in cheek, that television wasn’t making any of its devotees any smarter as they experienced the programming they were being bombarded with in the late seventies. The album features the Tubes classics, “Prime Time,” “TV Is King” and “Love’s a Mystery (I Don’t Understand).”

This expanded edition of Remote Control includes all new mastering by Vic Anesini and an essay with fresh interviews with the current and past band members by Ralph Chapman. The release is expanded with four unreleased tracks, chosen by the band’s Fee Waybill, excerpted from their final A&M album submission. That unreleased album has come to be known alternately as “Suffer for Sound” or “The Black Album.”