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Earth, Wind & Fire


Remastered CD with Bonus Tracks | ICON 1020

  • Originally released 1981
  • Featuring the #1 classic "Let's Groove"
  • Liner notes by A. Scott Galloway feature exclusive commentary Maurice & Verdine White and other contributing musicians
  • Contains 3 bonus tracks
Out of Print

Track Listing

  • 1. Let's Groove
  • 2. Lady Sun
  • 3. My Love
  • 4. Evolution Orange
  • 5. Kalimba Tree
  • 6. You Are A Winner
  • 7. Wanna Be With You
  • 8. The Changing Times

Bonus Tracks

  • 9. Let's Groove (Special Remixed Holiday Version)
  • 10. Kalimba Tree (Long Version)
  • 11. Let's Groove (Instrumental)


  • Maurice White – vocals, drums, kalimba
  • Verdine White – bass
  • Philip Bailey – vocals, percussion
  • Larry Dunn – piano, synthesizer, synthesizer programming
  • Fred White – drums, percussion
  • Ralph Johnson – vocals, percussion
  • Roland Bautista – guitar
  • Johnny Graham – guitar
  • Andrew Woolfolk – tenor saxophone
  • All lead and background vocals by Maurice White and Philip Bailey
  • Additional vocals by Ralph Johnson, Beloyd Taylor and Ms. Pluto

Special Guests

  • The Phenix Horns:
  • Don Myrick – alto & tenor saxophone
  • Louis Satterfield – trombone
  • Rahmlee Michael Davis – trumpet
  • Michael Harris – trumpet
  • Special thanks to the following musicians:
  • Beloyd Taylor – guitar
  • David Foster – keyboards
  • Billy Meyers – keyboards
  • Wayne Vaughn – keyboards
  • Michael Boddicker – vocoder & synthesizer
  • Jerry Hey, Oscar Brashear, Gary E. Grant, Chuck Findley, Larry G. Hall - Trumpets
  • George Bohanon, Bill Reichenbach, Lew McCreary, Charles Loper, Dick Hyde - Trombones
  • Tom Saviano - Saxophone

Raise! originally released by ARC/Columbia Records in 1981 marked the tenth anniversary of Earth, Wind & Fire and included the smash hit “Let’s Groove,” which returned the group to the top spot in the charts and sold a million copies in addition to winning a Grammy. The runaway success of “Let’s Groove” somewhat overshadowed the other outstanding tracks on the album. “Wanna Be With You” (the second single), “Evolution Orange” and the rousing album closer “The Changing Times” all deliver in a very Earth, Wind & Fire way while pointing the way to the future direction of the band.

This Iconoclassic expanded edition of Raise! picks up the EWF reissue series and features remastering by Mark Wilder and Vic Anesini from the original tapes. This expanded edition adds extended 12″ and instrumental mixes of “Let’s Groove” in addition to the fan favorite full version of “Kalimba Tree.” Liner notes by A. Scott Galloway feature commentary by bandleader Maurice White and several of the contributing musicians and songwriters.