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The Guess Who

Power in the Music

Remastered CD with Bonus Tracks | ICON 1038

  • Originally released 1975
  • First time on CD in the U.S.
  • Remastered with 2 PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED rehearsal tracks
  • Features the hit "When the Band Was Singin’ ‘Shakin’ All Over’”
  • Extensive liner notes with exclusive band commentary
Out of Print

Track Listing

  • 1. Down and Out Woman
  • 2. Women
  • 3. When the Band Was Singin’ “Shakin’ All Over”
  • 4. Dreams
  • 5. Rich World – Poor World
  • 6. Rosanne
  • 7. Coors for Sunday
  • 8. Shopping Baby Lady
  • 9. Power in the Music

Bonus Tracks

  • 10. When the Band Was Singin’ “Shakin’ All Over” (rehearsal)
  • 11. Coors for Sunday (rehearsal)


  • Burton Cummings – lead vocals, keyboards
  • Domenic Troiano – guitar, backing vocals
  • Bill Wallace – bass, backing vocals
  • Garry Peterson – drums

When the members of The Guess Who entered the studio to record Power in the Music none of them expected it to be the group’s last album. Burton Cummings decided to leave the group three months after the completion of the sessions and he was off for solo pastures. The band’s label RCA had little enthusiasm for the new project, and despite delivering an album that contained such strong material as “When the Band Was Singin’ ‘Shakin All Over’”, “Dreams” and “Rosanne” it sank without a trace.

The Iconoclassic reissue offers a glimpse behind the scenes into the making of the album with the inclusion of rehearsals from the sessions. The album was remastered by Vic Anesini from the original session tapes. The informative essay by Co-Producer Ralph Chapman contains the very different takes on the album and session by long-time Guess Who members Burton Cummings and Garry Peterson.