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The Knack

Get the Knack

Remastered CD | ICON 1026

  • Originally released 1979
  • Features the #1 hit “MY SHARONA”
  • 1979’s biggest album
  • Booklet features Knack memorabilia and an essay by power pop authority Ken Sharp
  • Exclusive Vic Anesini remaster
Out of Print

Track Listing

  • 1. Let Me Out
  • 2. Your Number or Your Name
  • 3. Oh Tara
  • 4. (She's So) Selfish
  • 5. Maybe Tonight
  • 6. Good Girls Don't
  • 7. My Sharona
  • 8. Heartbeat
  • 9. Siamese Twins (The Monkey and Me)
  • 10. Lucinda
  • 11. That's What the Little Girls Do
  • 12. Frustrated


  • Doug Fieger – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Berton Averre – lead guitar
  • Prescott Niles – bass
  • Bruce Gary – drums

One of the greatest and most successful debut albums in the history of rock & roll, Get The Knack emerged from a late seventies landscape that was littered with disco and overblown rock. Punk and new wave were taking hold when this completely infectious, melodic and punchy music came screaming out of the L.A. club scene and created one of the music industry’s most famous bidding wars.

Get The Knack features some of the greatest power pop music ever made and includes the massive worldwide number one hit “My Sharona” and its follow-up single “Good Girls Don’t” that was extremely successful in its own right. Despite the quality of some of the music that followed, this incredible album was the “crowning achievement” of the bands career.

This Iconoclassic release features insightful liner notes by Ken Sharp and definitive remastering by Grammy Award®-winning engineer, Vic Anesini.