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David Sancious and Tone

Dance of the Age of Enlightenment

Remastered CD | ICON 1063

  • First official issue of David Sancious’ legendary unreleased masterpiece
  • Recorded in 1976, the golden age of progressive rock and jazz fusion
  • Remastered by David Sancious from the original masters
  • Liner notes by David Sancious
  • Restored original artwork
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Track Listing

  • 1. Overture – Wake Up (To a Brand New Day of Love)
  • 2. 1st Movement (Dance of Glory and Playfulness)
  • 3. 2nd Movement (Dance of Purification)
  • 4. The Dawn
  • 5. 3rd Movement: Part I / Part II (Dance of Unbounded Joy)
  • 6. 4th Movement (Dance of Serenity and Strength)
  • 7. Finale: Part I (Gone Is the Veil of Illusion) / Part II (Dance of Gratitude and Devotion)


  • David Sancious - Acoustic Piano / Organ / Synthesizer / Guitar / Vocals
  • Ernest Carter - Drums / Percussion
  • Gerry Carboy - Bass

Special Guests

  • Patti Scialfa - Vocals (Overture)
  • Gail Moran - Vocals (1st Movement)

David Sancious recorded his most ambitious album, Dance of the Age of Enlightenment, in 1976, accompanied by Tone. Conceived as a ballet in four movements, at the time of the recording, technology did not allow for synthesizers to play more than one note at a time. To create the sound of an orchestral ensemble every part of the orchestration had to be painstakingly overdubbed individually by Sancious on a Moog Synthesizer. 

Despite the music’s quality, Sancious was notified by his record company that the album would not be released, and they very much wanted another, more “commercial” record from him that they could release before releasing Dance of the Age of Enlightenment. Only a few promotional copies of Dance of the Age of Enlightenment circulated before his label decided to cancel the release of the album entirely.

Outside of bootlegs drawn from the promo LP, Dance of the Age of Enlightenment has remained in the vault…until now.

Personally remastered from the original master tapes under David Sancious’ supervision, this first-ever official release of Dance of the Age of Enlightenment is a major addition to the canon of classic prog and fusion.