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Canned Heat

Boogie with Canned Heat

Expanded Edition Remastered CD with Bonus Tracks | ICON 1031

  • Originally released 1968
  • Canned Heat’s most successful album
  • Features the classic hit “On the Road Again”
  • 6 bonus tracks
  • Liner notes by Greg Russo
  • Digitally remastered by Vic Anesini
Out of Print

Track Listing

  • 1. Evil Woman
  • 2. My Crime
  • 3. On the Road Again
  • 4. World in a Jug
  • 5. Turpentine Moan
  • 6. Whiskey Headed Woman No. 2
  • 7. Amphetamine Annie
  • 8. An Owl Song
  • 9. Marie Laveau
  • 10. Fried Hockey Boogie

Bonus Tracks

  • 11. On the Road Again (Alternate Take)
  • 12. Shake, Rattle and Roll
  • 13. Whiskey and Wimmen'
  • 14. Mean Old World
  • 15. The Hunter
  • 16. Fannie Mae


  • Bob “The Bear” Hite – vocals
  • Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson – guitar, vocals, harmonica
  • Larry “The Mole” Taylor – bass
  • Henry Vestine – lead guitar
  • Fito de la Parra – Drums

Special Guests

  • Dr. John – horn arrangements / piano

Boogie with Canned Heat is the artistic and commercial highwater mark for this talented group that was based in Los Angeles and steeped in the blues tradition. This album, the band’s second, began with sessions in Chicago with some blues covers that mined much the same territory as their excellent first release. A funny thing happened when the band returned to the studio, however, as they came up with outstanding self-written material and wound up concentrating on their own creations for the album release. The earlier blues covers are added as bonus tracks along with an early take of “On the Road Again.”

In the spring of 1968 “On the Road Again” was released as the b-side of a new single and when a Texas D.J. turned the record over and began playing the track it took off. The song quickly topped their playlist and swept gradually across the country, eventually becoming a huge hit for the band. The album was carried along by the success of the single and became the band’s most popular release.

This expanded edition of the album includes a sparkling remastering as well as the aforementioned blues covers that did not make the final cut for the initial release. This CD represents the pinnacle of Canned Heat’s work in the studio.