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Billy Burnette

Billy Burnette

Remastered CD | ICON 1068

  • Originally released 1980
  • First time on CD worldwide
  • Includes the hit single "Don't Say No"
  • Remastered by Vic Anesini
  • Liner notes by Bill Dahl include new interview with Billy Burnette
  • Billy's rawest, edgiest rockabilly on record
  • Member of Fleetwood Mac
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Track Listing

  • 1. In Just A Heartbeat
  • 2. Oh, Susan
  • 3. Danger Zone
  • 4. Don’t Say No
  • 5. Rockin’ L.A.
  • 6. Honey Hush
  • 7. Rockin’ With Somebody New
  • 8. One Night
  • 9. Sittin’ On Ready
  • 10. Angeline
  • 11. Tear It Up


  • Billy Burnette – guitar & lead vocals
  • Kimme Gardner – bass
  • Chris Brosius – guitar & background vocals
  • Ian Wallace – drums & background vocals

Sky-high energy leaps from every track on Billy Burnette’s eponymous 1980 album for Columbia Records. Burnette had been recording for nearly two decades—since he was a child—but he’d never made a set that rocked as lethally hard as this one. Columbia unleashed the walloping LP with an eye-catching red-neon-on-black cover, the set giving Burnette his first hit single with the galloping “Don’t Say No.”

In addition to eight of Burnette’s original compositions and songwriting collaborations, the album also featured red-hot revivals of three classics from rock and roll’s primordial days. The album was created during an emotionally charged period for the singer. “I had just lost my dad (Dorsey Burnette) when I had done the Columbia record and didn’t know much about his rockabilly stuff, to be honest… Mae Axton told me after my dad died, ‘You never know how big the tree is until it falls.’”

Commercial response to the LP catapulted Billy to a new level.

If you love tight, hard, tough, no frills rock and roll with killer vocals, you need this album in your collection.