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The ethos of Iconoclassic Records is perfectly captured in the company’s name. Iconoclassic Records reissues classic titles by iconic artists, many of whom have handled their careers in an uncompromising, iconoclastic manner.

A reissue label focused on rock, pop, R&B and funk music of the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s, Iconoclassic Records specializes in notable albums that have never been released on CD or LP, as well as classic titles that have fallen out of print.

Iconoclassic Records takes its inspiration from the defining work of Legacy Recordings, Rhino Records, and Chronicles, among others, as well as from the music itself. Working with Grammy®-winning mastering engineers, acclaimed art directors, and authoritative liner note writers, Iconoclassic Records delivers major label-quality reissues. “Iconoclassic is run by the same people you see on music forums and social media groups: fans delighting in well-mastered and packaged reissues, and voicing their disappointment when their favorite titles are either unavailable or reissued in a manner not befitting their classic status,” says founding President, Frank Ursoleo, a 40-year veteran of the music industry. “Having previously presided over the launch of BMG Entertainment reissue division Buddha Records, we’ve once again harnessed that passion and knowledge to bring underexposed musical treasures to light.”

In 2021, Iconoclassic Records co-founder and veteran catalog executive Jeremy Holiday (Buddha Records/BMG Heritage, 1998-2005; Sony Music/Legacy Recordings, 2005-2021) rejoined the Iconoclassic team. Holiday’s recruitment as the label’s second President upon Ursoleo’s retirement underlines Iconoclassic Records’ recommitment to the label’s guiding mission statement: Reissues Done Right.