Are the CDs remastered?

Yes, all Iconoclassic Records CDs are digitally remastered from the original master tapes by award winning engineers, such as Grammy
® winner Vic Anesini, who remastered Laura Nyro's Nested and Season of Lights. Check out photos from the mastering session on the Nested album page.

Are the original album graphics included in the packaging?
Yes, Iconoclassic reproduces all the imagery and text from the original LP front and back covers and inner sleeves. In addition, we frequently add newly written liner notes and additional photographs from the appropriate time periods.

Are the artists involved?
Iconoclassic seeks the involvement of the original artists or their estates in all of our reissues. For various reasons, some choose not to become involved, but all are offered the opportunity. Our Laura Nyro reissues have been approved and endorsed by her estate.

How do you decide what to release?
Iconoclassic specializes in creatively or commercially notable albums that have never been available on CD or which have been out of print for long periods of time. We focus on pop, rock and R&B music of the 1970s and '80s.

Can I suggest a title to be reissued?
Absolutely. Email your suggestions to

How exactly did Iconoclassic end up with a title that was originally released on another label?
Iconoclassic enters into licensing agreements with the various major labels that hold the rights to the material. Iconoclassic licenses an album from the copyright owner for a set period of time (typically it's a 3-year license). Iconoclassic oversees the artwork and mastering of the reissue, and handles the distribution. The major label manufactures the product and handles all royalty payments.

Where can I purchase Iconoclassic CDs?
Our releases are available for sale through our website here and wherever good music is sold.

Does Iconoclassic offer digital downloads?
Unfortunately, no. The copyright owners (the labels) typically do not grant digital distribution rights as part of their license agreements.

The ethos of Iconoclassic Records is perfectly captured in the company’s name. Iconoclassic Records reissues classic titles by iconic artists, many of whom have handled their careers in an uncompromising, iconoclastic manner.

A CD reissue label focused on rock, pop, and R&B music of the 1970s and ’80s, Iconoclassic Records specializes in notable albums that have never been released on CD, as well as classic titles that have fallen out of print. [more]