Robin Trower
Robin Trower Live!

Robin Trower's first live album found the band playing at peak form during their first wave of popularity. Following the success of studio masterpiece Bridge of Sighs, the band was touring in support of Bridge’s follow-up For Earth Below when they decided that a live album should be the next move.

The final track list culled titles from the band’s first three albums and features a smoldering extended version of "Daydream" and the ever popular "Too Rolling Stoned". Both songs remain in Trower's set lists to this day. The live album continued the group's rise and garnered a fair amount of FM airplay upon release.

This brand new 2011 remaster brings to life the fire and the fury that was Robin Tower, James Dewar, and Bill Lordan redefining what a power trio should sound like in the middle of the seventies. The release also includes a brand new essay that features the recollections of Robin Trower himself.

Track Listing:
1. Too Rolling Stoned
2. Daydream
3. Rock Me Baby
4. Lady Love
5. I Can't Wait Much Longer
6. Alethea
7. Little Bit of Sympathy

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