The Guess Who
American Woman (Deluxe Expanded Edition) – ICON 1043
The Guess Who American Woman Deluxe Expanded EditionThe Guess Who American Woman Deluxe Expanded Edition
The Guess Who American Woman Expanded Deluxe EditionThe Guess Who American Woman Deluxe Expanded Edition

The Guess Who’s most successful album begins with the one-two punch of the title track and No Time, the first single from the album. The original album sustained a chart run that lasted for more than a year, produced three hit singles and sent the band’s career to new heights. Curiously following the successes came such turmoil, that after an aborted attempt at the next album, founding member Randy Bachman found himself on the outside of the band looking in.

This 2 CD expanded edition of the album features single edits, unreleased tracks from the album sessions and different takes on album tracks as well as material that was attempted but not released. The second disc is comprised of the tracks that were meant to be released as the follow-up album.

Though these tracks, with Randy, were never completely finished they were released by RCA in 1976 as an album called The Way They Were. Once Randy departed the band decided to start the recording process over completely with new members Kurt Winter and Greg Leskiw and produced the highly successful Share The Land album.

The in-depth essay by Co-Producer Ralph Chapman documents the sometimes confusing events surrounding the wonderful music created during the turbulence of the band’s situation. This release is re-mastered from the original tapes by Vic Anesini and has never sounded better.
[Release Date: 12/15/2017]

Track Listing – Disc 1:
1. American Woman
2. No Time
3. Talisman
4. No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature
5. 969 (The Oldest Man) (instrumental)
6. When Friends Fall Out
7. 8:15
8. Proper Stranger
9. Humpty’s Blues / American Woman (Epilogue)

Bonus Tracks:
10. American Woman (single edit)
11. No Sugar Tonight (single edit)
12. Got To Find Another Way (session outake)
13. Close Up The Honky Tonks (session outake)
14. Not to Return (takes 1&2)
15. Talisman (take 1)
16. Talisman (session chatter)
17. No Sugar Tonight (takes 1&2)
18. American Woman (take 1)

Track Listing – Disc 2:
1. Silver Bird
2. Species Hawk
3. Runnin’ Down the Street
4. Miss Frizzy
5. Palmyra
6. The Answer
7. Take the Long Way Home

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