Canned Heat Future Blues album
Canned Heat Future Blues album
Canned Heat Future Blues album

[Release Date: 11/18/2016]

Canned Heat
Future Blues (Expanded Edition)– ICON 1046

Canned Heat approached their fifth studio album with great care following the disappointing sales of the album Hallelujah. Despite some great material the band had failed to come up with a hit to follow up the chart success of On the Road Again and Going Up the County. They approached the songs on this album with great care and when they covered Wilbert Harrison’s Let’s Work Together they were sure that they had another hit on their hands.

The boogie and jams remained, but they were now more concise. Henry Vestine had left the band and Harvey Mandel had joined as lead guitarist. The band with Mandel had caused a stir when they played the Woodstock festival among others in the summer of 1969. Sadly, Alan Wilson would pass away shortly after the completion of Future Blues. This edition of this great album features a true stereo version of the hit single Let’s Work Together, as well as the long version that remained unreleased for years. First time U.S. release with all new mastering and liner notes.
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The Isley Brothers Go For Your Guns album
The Isley Brothers Go For Your Guns
The Isley Brothers Go For Your Guns

[Release Date: 7/29/2016]

The Isley Brothers
Go For Your Guns (Expanded Edition)– ICON 1045

Go For Your Guns was the fifth album by the 3+3 line-up of the Isley Brothers and was a landmark album for the group on many levels. A mixture of molten funk tunes and beautiful ballads weaving in and out of each other led to massive sales and huge chart success.
The album featured smash R&B and pop hits that continued the rise of the Isley’s popularity in the mid-seventies. The Pride hit the #1 spot on the R&B charts and was followed by Livin’ in the Life, which went all the way to #4 on the same chart. In addition both singles did very respectably on the pop charts. Voyage to Atlantis also charted R&B and Footsteps in the Dark became one of the most sampled tracks of the rap era. All leading to an album that climbed to the top of the R&B charts and crossed over to #6 on the pop chart. [more info]

The Guess Who Share the Land album
The Guess Who Share the Land album
The Guess Who Share the Land album

[Release Date: 1/8/2016]

The Guess Who
Share The Land (Expanded Edition)– ICON 1044

The Guess Who seemed to have pulled a rabbit out of a hat as they crafted their follow-up release to the best selling album American Woman. The band had replaced Randy Bachman with two very capable guitarists in Kurt Winter and Greg Leskiw. Kurt came with the added benefit of having written some great tunes with his pervious band Brother. Burton Cummings and Kurt also brought a new songwriting partnership to the group and they provided excellent materiel to the group for this release.
The first single Hand Me Down World set the stage for the album which was the band’s most successful seller at the time of release. Follow-up singles Share The Land and Hang On To Your Life kept the band firmly on the charts for the duration of the album’s release. [more info]

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A CD reissue label focused on rock, pop, and R&B music of the 1970s and '80s, Iconoclassic Records specializes in notable albums that have never been released on CD, as well as classic titles that have fallen out of print. [more]
Are the CDs remastered?
Yes, all Iconoclassic Records CDs are digitally remastered from the original master tapes by award winning engineers, such as Grammy® winner Vic Anesini, who remastered Laura Nyro's Nested and Season of Lights. Check out photos from the mastering session on the Nested album page.

Are the original album graphics included in the packaging?
Yes, Iconoclassic reproduces all the imagery and text from the original LP front and back covers and inner sleeves. In addition, we frequently add newly written liner notes and additional photographs from the appropriate time periods.  [more]